Euroatla Residency Program winter open call for established and emerging artists
Conceptual, Film, Mixed Media
November 30, 2020
Application Fee
Lisbon, Portugal
Euroatla used to be an old sea transportation office and a small warehouse located by the harbour of Lisboa connecting the country with Africa and South America. As time passed by, we evolved into becoming a network of arts residency centres that connects international artists from around the globe.

The Euroatla residency is an independent artist space open for emerging and established artists that are looking for a place of reflection away from there usual environment. Euroatla aims at easing the exchange of experiences and knowledge among artists away from there individual research and production projects.

Away from the ordinary obstacles of everyday jobs, the residences will provide the artists with the time, space and resources to experiment and try new approaches surrounded by the Lisbon’s art scene and by being in contact with local artists that can take them away from your comfort zone and make them experience and see things from another perspective.

Duration of residency:

The minimum period of stay required is one month and the maximum of six months.


Euroatla will provide the artist with a private, self-contained living and working space located in a building with another working studio used by Portuguese artists based in the new upcoming art district of Beato-Marvila.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance:

The Residences Program welcomes emerging and established artists from all art fields that also include researchers, writers, musicians, curators and cultural programmers.Euroatla will be providing the artist with some of the basic living and working facilities that can include some studio equipment like D:Y:A equipment, some multimedia equipment and an updated list of contacts with media organisations that can be helpful for the artist to produce his artwork.

Access to a shared work space with access to office equipment such as photocopiers, computers with internet access) will be granted.

Studio / Workspace:

The apartment is a 7 x 6 meters space with a double-bed bedroom, a living room furnished with two working tables, a private toilet and a kitchenette.
Wi-Fi available
Fees and support
Euroatla is an independent network project. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide financial support to our visiting artist. However, we are happy to help any artist applying for grants and scholarships in their hometown.

Expectations towards the artist:

We welcome artists that are conducting their own personal work and in self-sufficient work that can take the most of the city’s art culture.

Application information:

The application process is free. Residents are selected through an open call with a jury selection. The artist is asked to find his own sponsor in his country to cover the expenses. Application Requirements
CV – your current CV (up to 700 words max.)Proposal – a written description of your proposed project. The description must include specifics of how you plan on using your time in the residence. EUROATLA is interested in self-sufficient work and on artists conducting there own personal projects.Statement – a general statement about your work and a brief explanation on your submitted images or text ( up to 250 words max.)Work Samples – a portfolio of your most recent work submitted via a web link (Dropbox, Vimeo, YouTube, Google Drive or other similar web platforms)

Visual Artists may submit up to 12 images or 4 video clipsImages must be saved as JPEGs and sized at a maximum of 1500 px (height or width) at 72 dpi.Images should be named as LastName_FirstName_01.jpg, LastName_FirstName_02.jpgVideo, film and performance artists may submit up to 4 video clips as Vimeo or Youtube links. Please indicate if it takes longer than 10 minutes
For further information on applying please contact: