Established in 2002, our initial endeavor was the launch of an online community for artists long before such social networks were commonplace. Today, our platform connects the resources of more than 40,000 cultural producers from 180+ countries.

Our projects takes the form of participatory situations always questioning the politics of individualism and often challenging the art object as commodity. You can find our portfolio here:

In 2009 we independently organized the private housing of 3,000 international climate workers with local Copenhagen families during the COP15 UN Climate Change Summit. Supplying the infrastructure for the hardworking but not very well funded community of climate workers and NGO’s to come to Copenhagen and voice their opinion - and for locals to participate and share their homes – the project became a large-scale exercise in communal cooperation. This project has since developed into the purpose-driven travel community

* "Wooloo" means "Where the rivers become the sea."