Photo barter: Outside our windows
Online Exhibition
September 29, 2020
Application Fee
Not Available
Teresa LEUNG
Enter City, Hong Kong

Welcome to this Photo Barter supported by Japan-based art living space" target="_blank">co.iki. I've taken photos from windows in my home in Hong Kong during the pandemic. To participate in this barter, you just need to follow 3 simple steps:


1. Visit:" target="_blank"> Click on the larger photo above the thumbnails. Click the arrow (or scroll right if you browse with a phone) to look for a photo you want.


2. Take a screenshot (or copy and paste the file name into an email message — clickable email link in 3.) and attach it to the email you will send me. In that email,  you will send:

a.  a photo you took from your window during the coronavirus pandemic for the barter;

b. your name (can be a nickname); and

c. where you took the photo (for example, Tokyo, Japan) 

3. Email me . (If this email link does not work for you, send your email to: If you like to write and allow me to show what you've written along with your photo, you can drop a short message telling me something about your photo or how your photo relates to you during the pandemic.

4. I will send you a high-resolution version of the photo you want from me. 


5. You can pick more than 1 photo if you'd like to send me more than 1 photo you took from your windows for exchange.


6. Your photo will be shown here:" target="_blank"> (if there is any opportunity to show your photo(s) in a physical exhibition, I'll let you know)

I look forward to exchanging photos with you. Stay safe and well. Cheers.