Paid Artist Fellowship and Daily Residencies at the Museum of Arts and Design
Architecture, Design, Digital, Film, Installation,...
April 15, 2018
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New York, United States

The Museum of Arts and Design is now accepting applicants to Cycle 30 of the Artist Studios Program, offering studio space and financial support to one Artist Fellow and six one-day-a-week Artists-in-Residence for a six-month term, from August 2018 through January 2019.

The Artist Studios host artists and designers daily as they produce their work in a live studio environment. Visitors to MAD meet working artists who openly welcome questions and dialogue, and discuss their processes, materials, and concepts with diverse members of the public. This program serves as an innovative model of interactivity and engagement that benefits local artists and Museum visitors through observation, making, and discussion of creative processes.


Artists selected for the daily residency program are each assigned one day a week to work, along with a selection of Thursday evenings. Artists receive a daily honorarium of $125 and have access to a variety of tools and materials, as well as the museum galleries. Professional development and public programming opportunities are also offered throughout the residency term. Successful applicants have a mature body of work that reveals a mastery of techniques, methods, processes and/or materials, as well as demonstrates developed concepts, ideas, and/or themes. There are no age or other restrictions on who is eligible to apply to the daily residency program.


Fellows at MAD are offered a dedicated studio space to work in for up to forty hours a week for six months, receiving a stipend of $15,000. A total of fifteen of the forty hours the Fellow is at work in the Museum must be open hours, during which the public has access to the Fellow’s studio. Additionally, Fellows are given extra professional development opportunities including regular meetings with museum staff and outside professionals in addition to being able to participate in workshops and meet regularly with a mentor in their creative field. Applicants must be thirty years or younger at the start of their fellowship, no exceptions (artists will be asked to submit paperwork to prove their legal age). Fellows must also identify racially and/or culturally with a historically underrepresented community, demonstrate the need for financial assistance to advance their artistic careers, and be residents of New York City.

Applications for both the Daily Residency and the Artist Fellowship are due Monday, April 16.">Apply here.