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Mixed Media, Video
August 29, 2013
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Bienal de Artes MEDIALES
Santiago, Chile

Competition rules

The Media Art Biennale (hereinafter BAM) celebrates its 11th version, and invites artists and filmmakers to participate in the 11th INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION FOR THE CREATION AND AUTHOR OF MEDIA ARTS, JUAN DOWNEY.

The BAM is a space for dialogue between art and technology in the context of contemporary media art, therefore favors the concept of work, production statutes, authorship, reading and circulation systems, as well as the poetic symbolic.


a. Media Art Line:

a.1. format · Video Art · Digital Animation · Interactive Documentaries

a.2. the nature of the works a.2.1. All expressions will be accepted as a framework possessing culture and aesthetic graphic video, art media and creative work with contemporary technologies. The works presented in all categories shall witness a deed authorial intention and creative inquiry in the form of both treatments as the reasons addressed.

a.2.2. Have been carried out since December 2011.

a.2.3. Topic: "AUTONOMY" as an inspiration, please visit the website for more information: www.bienaldeartesmediales.cl

a.2.4. In the case of video art and animation, and given the nature of the event and display dynamics are advised not to send jobs over 15 minutes long. For interactive documentaries no time restriction.

a.3. dates Jobs with their registration forms completed and signed, must be sent to until 30th of August, 2013, to the detailed shipping address a.9 point in these rules.

a.4. the contestants Open to all filmmakers of any nationality resident in Latin America and Latin American filmmakers residing anywhere in the world.

a.5. the supports The video works must be delivered in final projection brackets (NTSC and PAL). The interactive documentaries must have an Internet version and in physical format (DVD / physical memory). Selected works will be hosted on the website 11 BAM.

a.6. selection The BAM Organizing Committee will select the works to be presented in the framework of the 11 BAM according to the criteria specified in paragraph A.2. of these rules.

a.7. Jury The final jury award shall consist of a representative of the Chilean Corporation for Video, a representative of the NMFA and a representative of a representing international artists invited to the Biennale.

a.8. awards Only be given a prize consisting of an Avid Media Composer Software granted by VGL.

a.9. shipments All work must be sent to: Media Art Biennale 11 National Museum of Fine Arts, Parque Forestal s / n Santiago Centro, Santiago, Chile.

a.10. liabilities

a.10.1. Selected papers will automatically be part of the media library Chilean Video Corporation. These may be used by the Department of the BAM for reasons complementary projects broadcast national and international outreach, ONLY for cultural, educational and research institutions, respecting the reference frame 11 BAM, and informing the authors. For purposes of the above and once won the tender, will sign the respective instruments, in order to authorize the winners Chilean Video Corporation, to incorporate the winning creations your files (media library) and, where appropriate, agree to free and temporarily assign copyright in the mentioned works, with the sole purpose of dissemination of these not burdensome, and by time and objectives outlined in these rules.

a.10.2. All work selected may be used, partly for 30 seconds maximum, for the dissemination of the 11th BAM.

a.10.3. Sending the registration form implies acceptance of the rules.

a.11. insurance In case of loss, theft, robbery and / or theft of works, or any other loss, for whatever reason, the ONLY Video Chilean Corporation will pay the replacement value of the material support of them. In view of the above, please do not send originals.

a.12. Returns No returns of selected works to be exhibited in the 11th BAM, so do not send originals (see also article obligations).

a.13. membership bases It is understood that every participant agrees to the provisions of these rules and agree to the provisions contained therein, is to take effect during the contest or after award.

a.14. others All work submitted will be subject to film rating system mandatory provisions of national legislation, even though the Organizing Committee is in conformity with the provision of censorship and only does it to ensure normal execution of this event.


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