eAmazonia, an immersive residency in the Amazon rainforest

eAmazonia, an immersive residency in the Amazon rainforest

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Sep. 08, 2019
Deadline Sep. 01, 2019
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eAmazonia, an immersive residency in the Amazon rainforest

eAmazonia, an immersive residency in the Amazon rainforest, which aims to be a gathering, school, platform and a collaborative creation space, combining immersion in the Amazon Rainforest and a global digital project, for artists, creatives, researchers, entrepreneurs and all interested in collaborative practices, and dedicated to sustainable arts, eco-arts, science and innovative design in an ecological context of deep Amazon rainforest.

Participants will have the opportunity to present and share their artistic and scientific research - to collaborate and to create art projects or workshops in the Amazon,.

Key note activities and workshops by the mentors Flavia Amadeu, Tania Fraga and Geert Vermeire will shape the framework and a collaborative process over the 6 day residency/symposium. The participants are invited to share their knowledge and practices, and to create works in progress.

The outcomes will lead to a nomadic exhibition in significant art spaces in São Paulo, London and Miami, accompanied by an academic and artistic publication/catalogue.

The symposium is academically supported and accredited by IMATech-Institute for Arts, Technology and Mathematics in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The discussions will help framing the eAmazonia network and a series of future encounters and experiences.

This gathering will also compose the base of a global online and digital platform in progress.

As the gathering in the Amazon rainforest will take shape as an expedition it requires considerable costs to be secured by the artists themselves or by funding in their own countries/institutions.

The gathering is an initiative by and curated by the artists Tania Fraga, Flavia Amadeu and Vermeire Geert

As a core group, the three artists propose working on environmental issues with a global and independent media orientation.

It belongs to their ambition as artists to foster alternative images and discourses, advance ecological economies and humane policies, going against the mainstream corporate goals, in the awareness that the future of our world is carried by a humanity embracing and creating different paths then the ones imposed by global media enterprises and large corporations.

By bringing together their artistic practices and approaches the three artists organize this collaborative creative gathering to share their creative practices, their concerns and their solutions with other artists, creatives, researchers and all others interested in the Amazon Rainforest.



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