Awaji Art Circus 2019 - Open Call for Performers

Awaji Art Circus 2019 - Open Call for Performers

Open Call

Mar. 05, 2019
Deadline May. 06, 2019
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Awaji Art Circus 2019 - Open Call for Performers

Awaji Art Circus 2019 - International Performing Arts Festival (Japan) 


1) Perform (at the main venues, different events inside and outside Awaji Island, hotels, schools etc.): five days a week (2-3 times a day). 
2) Share information in social media. You will create posts and share information in social media (Facebook, Instagram, blog etc.) about Awaji Island and Festival based on your experience daily. Sometimes the Organizer will provide you the information you have to use in the posts or ask to share some posts. 
3) Participate in Grand Performance at Closing Ceremony which includes collaboration with local school, and in all related meetings and rehearsals.
4) Lead a Workshop. Participants will lead a workshop of their discipline for local people 
5) Participate in the meetings held by the Organizer.


To apply, you must meet all the following criteria:
◻ Open to artists of all performing arts genres such as: street performance, bodily expression, musical instrument performance, singing, live painting, dance, different circus disciplines (except all aerials acts, work with Chinese pole, tightrope walking, teeterboard, work with fire, performances which require perfectly flat surface) etc. Artists who are willing to break the barriers of existing genres as well as artists with interactive performance are welcome.
*Please note that high-end sound/lighting equipment cannot be provided.
◻ Non-Japanese citizens only.
◻ Open to all artists over 18 years old. 
◻ Both professionals/amateurs are eligible. 
◻ Groups (participating member shall be three maximum) and individuals are both welcome. 
◻ Artists who can adjust their performance to suit any performance venue. 

1) Prize Money for Contest Winners: Winner artist will get 1 million JPY, runner-up will get 500,000 JPY, second runner-up will get 300,000 JPY. (The contest will be held in 3 stages – at the Opening Ceremony, at a special event during the festival, and at the Closing Ceremony. Both votes of the Special Jury and the audience will be counted).
2) Performance fee: 100,000 JPY for the whole period (the sum will be divided and paid in cash in JPY at the beginning and at the end of the period). This is the sum per person in case of a group.
3) Busking opportunity (except some venues and events which will be announced by the Organizer)
4) Transportation cost. We will cover your two-way economy class air ticket from your nearest airport to Kansai International Airport. Artist is expected to book and buy the airline tickets by himself/herself. The Organizer will reimburse travelling costs and pay in cash in JPY (the rate will be calculated on the day of payment) at the beginning of the Festival, based on the airline ticket information and boarding pass provided by the Artist.
5) Meals: Breakfast and dinner will be provided by the Organizer. In addition, all artists will be given 500 JPY/per day in cash as Lunch costs. 
6) Accommodation. Rooms for 3-4 people
7) Support staff
8) Traveler’s insurance


Awaji Art Circus
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