7th International Marianne Brandt Award

7th International Marianne Brandt Award

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Sep. 28, 2019
Deadline Apr. 30, 2019
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7th International Marianne Brandt Award

In 2019, when the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus is being commemorated all over Germany and the world, the 7th International Marianne Brandt Award will focus on the functional and metaphorical potential of glass as material, which has had an unrivalled formative influence on the visionary beginnings of the German school of design. Taking the theme I am all of glass – quoting a poem by Marianne Brandt – prizes will be awarded in the categories of design, photography and art, (5.000 € each) and there will also be several special prizes. 60 works will be exhibited in the Industrial Museum Chemnitz, Germany.



In this category, the contest asks for products that incorporate both glass-enabled functions and uses, as well as designs that develop practical and helpful artifacts with regard to the metaphor and characteristics of glass.

The category photography is about image-finding, which motivates a change in the perspicacious  and sensory perspectives of the material and materiality of glass, and works that explicitly draw their characteristics from material observation and study.

This special category focuses on processes and designs for experimental and unconventional exploration of glass in design processes. Requested are experimental arrangements, studies and models to explore dimensions of the possibilities of the material as well as free artistic explorations of visions and nightmares on light and transparency.

The participation fee is 30 €, it is payable at registration.

The competition is divided into two stages.
In the first stage works are submitted in digital form. The participants register on the website, after the receipt of the registration fee participants can upload their work in the form of a PDF file (file size up to 5 MB). An international jury selects and nominates 60 works for the exhibition.

The nominated participants will receive a message if they entered the second stage with further details for submission. The postage for the entry and return of the nominated exhibits needs to be borne by the participant.

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International Marianne Brandt Award
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