generate!_lab - Festival for Electronic Arts

generate!_lab - Festival for Electronic Arts

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Nov. 10, 2018
Deadline Oct. 10, 2018
Biennial/Festival, Forum/Seminar
Activism, Conceptual, Digital, Film, Installation, Intervent...
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generate!_lab - Festival for Electronic Arts



GENERATE!° addresses contemporary tendencies of art that are based on the interdisciplinary use of electronic media or on the application of digital technologies. GENERATE!° is especially interested in the interrelations between art, research, and technology against its sociopolitical background. Particular attention is put on works that are dedicated to the reflection on generative processes of production, their conditions and their respective algorithmically controlled outputs.

GENERATE!° as a comprehensive programmatic title implies both the artistic-technical processes as well as the individual question about the possibilities to be creative. Thus, the festival intends to enable a creative and critical discourse regarding the aesthetical, sociopolitical, and economic conditions and effects that are caused by media and information technology of the 21st century. GENERATE!° seeks to explore and shape the ways and forms of aesthetic practice which promote and facilitate a critical and self-determined participation in these developments.

GENERATE!° Festival for Electronic Arts takes place for the fourth time under changing conditions at various locations and with different cooperation partners, following the three festivals of the previous years and in the succession of the light and video arts festival series 2010-2014 as well as several previous media arts festivals.

Following the biennial rhythm, the fourth edition of the GENERATE!° Festival presents itself for the second time as generate!_lab in experimental live format, which is dedicated to a performance and workshop programme without an exhibition section.


Shedhalle Tübingen E.v. Forum For Contemporary Arts
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