(S)exhibitions 2019/2020

(S)exhibitions 2019/2020

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Sep. 05, 2019
Deadline Jul. 31, 2019
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(S)exhibitions 2019/2020

Born in 2013, the space of the OGA (Ospizio Giovani Artisti / Young Artists Hospice) organizes many group exhibitions every year, with contemporary and modern art works that come exclusively from the Collection of the OGA. These works are usually donated to the OGA by the artists themselves in order to create thematic exhibitions that are a continuous reflection on the role of art involvement in today's society. In the (S)exhibitions, the OGA will show artworks only about all the universe of the sexuality, because it wants to deepen the contrast between the natural instincts of the human species and all the contradictions that are created, because of these, in our society.


The selected works will be exposed in the upcoming group exhibitions of the season 2019/2020 of the OGA. The selection of the works is made for the exhibition season September 2019 - June 2020, but it may be possible to be selected for exhibitions to be made as early as January 2019, even if the call for tenders expires on 31st of July 2019.


The videos will be screened sequentially on one or more monitors. It is not possible to submit video installations or videos for screenings in loop. The photographs will be framed by the OGA.

Please note, for the participants in the video section: in every (S)exhibition will be shown also at last one 'material' art work related to every selected video. This is because we think this 'double identification' is very stimulating for the audience that comes to the exhibitions. This means that, if selected, the author have obviously to send a file of the video for the screening, but also (and this only by mail) at last one art work (drawings, printed stills, etc) in relation with the selected video or the art research of the artist, signed by the author himself, and with the title and the year. The author can decide the dimensions of the printed image. Videos not accompanied by at least one art work will be excluded from the (S)exhibitions.

Important: the material works (photo, drawings, etc) will not be returned to the authors. They will become part of the OGA Collection and used for future exhibitions. Obviously the authors will be advised on time, whenever.

Finally: the OGA is not a profit space and can not pay fees or give hospitality, but each exhibition will be publicized on social networks, on the OGA FB page, and on the OGA web page: www.ospiziogiovaniartisti.com


Werther Germondari
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Alann De Vuyst
Apr. 03, 2019
hi, I tried to open up the application page on the web, and it does not show...censorship in Sri Lanka, could be the issue.
Alann De Vuyst
Apr. 03, 2019
'''Hi, I would like to participate in this, as this is and has been one of the main themes in my art for a long time. Kind regards, Alann De Vuyst'
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