Anormal Festival Open Call - Mexico City 2018

Anormal Festival Open Call - Mexico City 2018

Open Call

Aug. 01, 2018
Mexico City/Mexico
Deadline Sep. 23, 2018
Exhibition, Biennial/Festival
Activism, Film, Mixed Media, Performance, Video, Exhibitions...
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Anormal Festival Open Call - Mexico City 2018

2nd International festival of Postponography, Feminisms and Dissident sexualities***

Mexico City, November 2018
For our second edition we are looking for video art materials that deal with sexual diversity from a critical and political standpoint, focused on NON WHITE/ NON HUMAN representations: fierce cosmovisions, incendiary, monstrous, aproximations between the machine – animal and other imaginaries produced from our agitated bodies.
Deadline: September 9, 2018

The videos will be projected with subtitles in spanish, therefore we need you to send your work with spanish subtitles, if that is not possible, please send the transcript of the dialogues in a separate .doc file in english, spanish or portuguese and we will generate the subtitles from there.

Read the full open call for further details at:

*** Postpornography: representation of the sexuality produced from a critical and political point of view, non conforming with the representations available in mainstream media (internet, TV).
Feminisms- Political struggle with the finality of abolishing the patriarchal oppressions exercised socio historically towards women.
Dissident sexualities – gender and sexual practices that disobey heteronormativity


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