White Rabbit Arts Residency and Festival 2018

White Rabbit Arts Residency and Festival 2018

Open Call

Aug. 16, 2018
Upper Economy, NS /Canada
Deadline May. 21, 2018
Residency, Biennial/Festival
Activism, Architecture, Conceptual, Drawing, Film, Installat...
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White Rabbit Arts Residency and Festival 2018

 White Rabbit Arts Residency: August 16-23, 2018 
White Rabbit Arts Festival: August 25-26, 2018 

White Rabbit is a 7-day interdisciplinary residency set in a rural landscape on the edge of the Bay of Fundy in Economy, Nova Scotia. The residency is process focussed, encouraging artists to create work that is responsive to their environment. During the week-long residency, participants work with their initial idea as a malleable, living thing, and allow it to take shape as they engage with the Red Clay landscape. Residents are free to wander through orchards, stream beds, tall forests, hills, meadows, and shorelines and to make their work in whichever location they are most drawn to. 

Artists from a broad range of disciplines are encouraged to apply (textiles, dance, theatre, ceramics, paint, poetry, philosophy, words, audio, projection, documentary, film, performance, music, you-name-it). The most important thing is to be willing to engage with the landscape, and with other artists, to find a conversation between the process/end result, and the chosen site. This year, artists are particularly encouraged to imagine their chosen medium as immersive installation - as something that - perhaps - creates its own space to be moved through, rather than existing as separate from the viewers. 

This year’s residency has a loose theme of “lunacy”. Artists are encouraged to explore what this could mean: the moon in our lives or in mythology; transformative power of moonlight; absence/ return of light; open space held by the night sky; chaos; subverting of everyday ideas or symbols; breaking away from conventional perceptions of reality; reclaiming behaviour and ideas from which we typically shy away; eccentricity; anything in between or outside of this. It’s not necessary to hold strictly to the theme throughout the week, but to perhaps consider it as a jumping off point. 

The week will include field trips to waterfalls and tidal flats, a gathering around a campfire each evening, a collaborative local pirate radio station, use of site facilities (sauna, pond swimming, solar showers, etc), and accommodations (camping or lofts). White Rabbit seeks to achieve culinary excellence: our wine-glass-in-the-woods dining features fresh food from Red Clay Art Farm prepared by experienced and dedicated chefs on-site. The week culminates in the White Rabbit Arts Festival, where the site opens to the public and residents can showcase their work to an audience of over two hundred. 

To apply*: 

If you are interested in taking part of this residency, send us a brief proposal including the following: 

A brief description (max 1 page) of your proposed project while at the residency.  Please include ideas/concepts you will be exploring, materials and any tools that you will need. We encourage projects that are harmonious with the environment, therefore please specify and justify the proposed use of any unnatural materials.   

A brief artist bio including, your current place of residence and examples of your previous work. Online links and portfolios encouraged. 

Cost:  $370. Artists will be provided with camping accommodations and meals at Red Clay Art Farm. 

Email applications to : whiterabbitarts@gmail.com 

Subject line: Residency Application 2018 

Applications due May 21.


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