KulttuuriKauppila residency programmes

KulttuuriKauppila residency programmes

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Apr. 10, 2018
Deadline May. 05, 2018
Residency, Jobs/Careers
Activism, Architecture, Conceptual, Curating, Design, Digita...
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KulttuuriKauppila residency programmes

KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre provides two residency programs in Northern Finland for artist from all branches!

The KK AiR – Artist-in-Residence offers artists time and space for artists to focus on their artistic research and production. The KK AiR programme is tailored for each guest artist individually. The artists are given opportunities to take part in the activities of the local art field by teaching on courses, organizing workshops and producing artworks to exhibitions. The artists are given a chance to showcase their work by organizing an open studio event and an exhibition in the end of their residency period. The in-residence period varies from one month to four months. The residency is located at the KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre in Ii, where the artist has a fully furnished living space and with and adjescent studio space. Please note that the residence is suitable for one artist as well as for a couple The rent is 400 € /month, or 550 € /month for artist couples. The rent includes the 100€ booking fee, that will not be compensated if you cancel your visit. For artist couples, the rent is 550€/month.

The KK AiC – Artist in Community builds co-operation between health and social services and art professionals. The programme brings artists to work with groups and communities through intensive work periods. This in-depth familiarisation enables versatile utilisation of the artists’ skills from the perspectives of meaningful everyday life, wellbeing and communality. The residence artists will work with a specific social and health unit or units, mainly mental health rehabilitators, disabeled and immigrants, during the approximately two-month-long residence period that includes getting acquainted with the operation, artistic work and introducing art activities to social and health personnel. It is also important to expand the residence activities outside of the social and health unit to affect the community in a larger sense. The pre-seected artist will be offered a tailored proposal with more detailed information about the residency period, accommodation and location, that can be either in Ii or other municipalities of the Oulunkaari region. The residency artists will be hired as community artists to the EU-funded Lähde! -project for 2350€ / month and offered accommodation and some materials during the residency period.

Call is open to all artists, art researches and curators. You may apply to one or both programmes with the same form located at kkair.artcurator.io. Deadline 5.5.2018. 

See our website and event on Facebook for more information or contact kulttuurikauppila@gmail.com.



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