THEY CALL ME NOBODY - AIR & Performance project Athens/Hamburg 2018

THEY CALL ME NOBODY - AIR & Performance project Athens/Hamburg 2018

Open Call

May. 21, 2018
Deadline Apr. 15, 2018
Residency, Exhibition, Forum/Seminar, Other
Design, Intervention, Mixed Media, Other, Performance, Sculp...
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THEY CALL ME NOBODY - AIR & Performance project Athens/Hamburg 2018

Air & Workshops Programme Athens + Performance At Hamburg 2018 // Munich 2019


“They call me Nobody” is the answer Odysseus gave to the one eyed, man-eating monster Cyclop before blinding him. Odysseus is the mythical king of Ithaca whose adventures Greek poet Homer described in his 8th century BC epos “The Odyssey”.
The Odyssey can be read as an allegory for man’s unbentable struggle to oppose fate. The epos is a milestone in the spiritual history of Greek civilization, as it comprises ethical principles ruling life and death and outlines the concept of man’s interdependence with Gods and the cosmos, while it envisions a gloomy afterlife deprived of any notion of reward or happiness.

On this background, the secret of bliss initiates shared during the Eleusinian Mysteries becomes even more strikingly intensive. The vase depicting Odysseus blinding the Cyclop, a fragment of which you may see as our picture for this Open Call, was found in Eleusina and it may also refer to spiritual blindness!

“They call me Nobody” also reflects the frustration and agony of contemporary artists as they struggle for recognizability and financial survival in the foreground of a tough economic, political and existential cul-de-sac. The theme of the performance series is open to multiple interpretations such as identity, consciousness, mysticism, crisis, agony, futility, survival strategies, social exclusion, fear of death, tyranny, rebellion, courage etc.


Open Call

for Performers, Dancers, Actors, Visual artists, Jewellery Artists and Fashion Designers:
The Open Call addresses artists and designers working in the field of performing arts, visual art, jewellery art, fashion design, social design, dance who wish to show their work to the challenging and appreciative audience of Hamburg, Germany.

Hamburg is famous for its outstanding performing arts and established design/fashion scene. Hamburg is also considered the Press capital of Germany, home of all major publishing houses and headquarters of the Communication+PR sector.
2025 is an internationally acclaimed stage for innovative and experimental performing arts in Hamburg. Its annual programme is funded by the local Ministry of Culture and the Liebelt Foundation.
ZLR Betriebsimperium has been assigned to curate the performance programme of November 2018 at 2025 Hamburg. ZLR Betriebsimperium is visual artists and curators Christoph Ziegler and Loukia Richards.

The performance event at 2025_ Hamburg in Novermber 2018 follows a week of AIR and workshops programme in Athens focusing on performance art, movement, story telling and narrative techniques etc.

Optional AIR & workshop (group of 4-6 participants) dates in Athens:
21-27 May 2018
4-10 June 2018
11-17 June 2018
3-9 September 2018
1-7 October 2018

Optional live performance/presentation dates in Hamburg:
2 / 9 /16 / 23 / 30 November

It is possible to arrange that artists/designers perform LIVE in Hamburg more than once, if they wish. It is possible to arrange an AIR+workshops programme in Athens for individual artists or groups smaller than 3 participants, however AIR+workshops programme conditions may vary.

Total fee

Allover cost for accommodation plus a three-day workshop in Athens, online communication, networking and and live presentation in Hamburg: 450 €

How to Apply

Send a weblink (website and 1-3 video links if available) along with a cover letter in Engish or German or Greek. Cover letter must include a small and concise presentation of yourself and your work. Also attach a short text (maximum 150 words) on what you ambition to achieve by participating in our programme.

Application Deadline

Please, e-mail the information to by 15 April 2018.

For More Information, please visit: //


Zlr Betriebsimperium
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