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Mar. 10, 2018
Deadline May. 10, 2018
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"I'm looking for myself

desiring my happiness? "



INFORMATION: www.sphinx2015.com

CONTACT: thebes.sphinx@gmail.com


I'm looking for myself (wishing my happiness)?

Can we build a better future or are we trapped in a dead end?

Is  man a cursed being, as the Oedipus of Sophocles says? Is the search for meaning misleading?


In our time we experience the constant loss of self-continuity, our constant identity as a relationship with the world as it was formed in classical thinking. The tragic man who lived his humility before the fate moved into the idle toolkit of an endless transformability within a world that is constantly changing and unstable.

Thebes is the mythical place that, according to the ancient literature, all these above-mentioned questions about the meaning and impasse of the human being-culture have been initially drafted. At this year's festival we are not looking for a given identity, but we ask the question whether this identity in a hybrid world is now feasible. "We live as Oedipus comments Freud" - Can the person have a meaning, can he look for happiness on the horizon of the new impetus?

The intent of the Sphinx festival is to highlight ancient philosophical questions that "challenge" the modern world. In a sense of practice and wider policy, we try to try out a kind of "social sculpture", by interfering with collaborative projects, in social transformation. Through this theme we are looking for the potential of modern, individual and social foundations that are scattered by contemporary pluralist and imaginative centers of power.

This project will develop open visual interventions throughout the city - works of public sculpture in the form of ephemeral installations, land art, happenings, performance, outdoor video art screenings and what else can be proposed. We want the site of the mythical city to be transformed for 20 days into an example of social incitement, personal exploration, a place of wonder and a sensitive cry, call and protest.

During the Sphinx festival, three major artistic proposals will be developed:

a.14 works to be placed in pairs at 7 historical and symbolic sites in the city.

b. A series of individual projects that will be placed at selected locations within the city. (map of the city, Annex 1).

c. The Sphinx itself as a creator will present the changing art installation entitled "Oedipus - Lost Messages", referring to the dimension of human identities over time and the dilemmas that constantly run the human substance.

All submissions should be sent with all of the following at thebes.sphinx@gmail.com by 10 MAY 2018. • 1-3 digital images, size for participant selection: at least 1200x1200px / jpg. • Description - abstract of up to 150 words (doc, pdf). It is important to document the relevance of the project to the subject. •Contact info • Short CV of 150 words (doc, pdf)
• The site that it proposes for the action-installation of the project  • The kind of infrastructure you may need. •If the project is to remain in the jurisdiction of the Sphinx for its future re-exposure.

To select a point in the city, reach the interactive map at http://www.sphinx2015gr.com/#!copy-of-thebes/c152t.


Deadline for submission of proposals: 10 MAY 2018

Adoption of proposals: 15 MAY 2018

Performance time for artists: 2 JUNE - 9 JUNE 2018


For the progress of the preparation, as well as the final program you can be informed at: www.sphinx2015gr.com,  https://www.facebook.com/sphinx2015/


Sphinx 2015 Festival
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