CONVENTION#1: Sounding Gender - In Search of the Sonic Self

CONVENTION#1: Sounding Gender - In Search of the Sonic Self

Open Call

Mar. 02, 2018
Deadline Apr. 16, 2018
Schools & Classes, Residency, Exhibition, Forum/Seminar, Other
Activism, Conceptual, Digital, Film, Installation, Intervent...
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CONVENTION#1: Sounding Gender - In Search of the Sonic Self

Call deadline: 16. April 2018.
CONVENTION #1: "Sounding Gender? - In search of the Sonic Self"EVENT DATES: 4-5 of August 2018.
LOCATION: Aarhus City centre (to be specified)
- 5th of August concerts will be at Radar, Godsbanen.
Organiser: Across The Floor - Organization for Experimental Music and Sound art

In recent years, there has been increased focus on defining what concrete obstacles are in the way of a growing, sustainable gender diversity in the field of Experimental Music and Sound Art. This increased focus has called for attention towards issues such as cultural and social norms, relating to gender and praxis in this specific field. The attention has also proved to be positive in terms of fostering dialogues regarding gender representation in art and in creative praxis, in general. Moreover, these dialogues may also be rewarding in a wider discussion regarding inclusion and equality for under-represented individuals and groups of individuals in the field of art - on a global as well as local scale. With inspiration from this said discourse and the topic of Feminism in Aesthetics as a critical catalyst - we wish to put forward the question:

What is gender and how may it present itself in modes of production and modes of reception, in sound and music?

With sound and music at the intersection of this exploration and discussion, we wish to invite artists, practitioners, academics, and thinkers from a wide cross-displinary range and backgrounds to take part in this coming together.
These two days in August will see a program that ties together debates, workshops, performances, speeches and seminars, with Experimental Sound and Music as an aesthetic, disciplinary and intellectual center.

Convention#1 is a meeting in space and time for debate and new questions, for explorations and open endings. Thus, we highly encourage abstract applications that wish to widen reflection and dialogue without necessitating concrete truths or tangible manifestations.

Thematic takes in relation to the headlining event title/theme (but not limited to):
Audience Culture // Creative Discourse // The self and self-expression //LGBT rights
Performativity and gender  // Contemporary Politics and Gender // The Significant Other // Childhood & memory // The Audio-visual Gender  // War, sound and gender  //Absence of Gender // Gendered products (technology, art etc.)  // Ethno-gender?Cybernetics // Anthropology // Gender as a sonic event // Feminism
// Gendered listening // Social Media // Biology  // Nature vs. Nurture

Send your application to:
With the subject line: "convention application"

Responses and requirements:

Stand Point Papers: 
- 4-500 word disposition + brief relevant resume
Requirements to apply: Academic level min. bachelor (students or graduate).
Please state if you wish to present your paper.

Keynotes (speeches)*:
- 300 word disposition on topic + brief relevant resume
Requirements to apply: open to everyone.

Installation Pieces:
- Full technical layout (flexible installations will be prioritized in curation).
- Brief summary of performance/statement
- 150 word press text for PR + 1 photo or video
- Link to your previous work.

Performances (music/sound art):
- Brief summary of what your performance is and how you imagine it to be unfold.
- 150 word press text for PR + 1 photo or video of performance piece (if possible)
- technical rider/layout
- Links to your music /sounds

Other: Visual works, mixed media, film, photography. : Please contact us with a brief summary of your work, for instructions on how to apply.
- Brief summary of intention and content.
NOTE: We invite novices to do a workshop, and we offer guidance in preparation for your workshop if you have no or little experience teaching. We welcome experimental praxis where the participants' take away is meant to be subjective and abstract!
Open to all professional levels - Students and graduates are welcome to apply.

We are only able to offer fees for performing artists, but we will offer free admittance for all contributors to all events (including concerts) + free catering both days of the event. 





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