International group exhibition "I am..."

International group exhibition "I am..."

Open Call

Apr. 27, 2018
Deadline Mar. 09, 2018
Exhibition, Biennial/Festival
Activism, Design, Digital, Drawing, Film, Installation, Inte...
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International group exhibition "I am..."

About Incubator Festival: We invite photographers, visual artists, writers and spoken word artists to submit their works for a juried group exhibition which will be held as a part of the "Labour Day Incubator" Festival.„Incubator” celebrates 1st May- Labour Day, but also serves as a platform for a critical review of the state of the economy and the labour market. We chose a topic that yet again speaks about work, but this time is of a more personal character.The focus is now the individual on the labour market, one person as a part of the collective and the system. Nowadays it is customary to start off a conversation with a stranger by asking: "What do you do for a living / What is your occupation?" As if we want to get an instant idea about a person, put him/her in a "drawer". People are being defined by their occupation, not by what they like / want / create ... In the Western world where the working day begins early in the morning and ends late in the evening, in the process of building successful and above all profitable careers, it is no longer essential WHO exactly is this worker. The only thing that matters is how this person can be exploited and how much she/he can contribute to the corporation and the system in which they work. Employees become numbers and it is unimportant if they have some talent that is not job related - if they cannot put it in direct use at work, they will probably not even have time to show it and enjoy it because they spend most of their day at work.

We want to give artists this platform to show all those parts of themselves (imaginary or real) that are essential to their self-determination but cannot always come to light.

What we are looking for: This is a call to artists throughout the world to complete the sentence “I AM…” through artwork in any art medium and to define the concept of themselves as a person, as an artist and to show the things that characterize and determine them. We encourage participants to fully explore the subject and to approach it contemporarily.

How to submit?

The submission must contain:

• Artwork:

A) If the artwork is in digital form (photography, video, poster, photomontage, etc.) send it via e-mail or WeTransfer service. The file has to be named following the scheme: lastname_firstname_titleoftheartwork_year. Photos must be in .jpg format 300 dpi resolution for printing in A2 format. Posters must be adjusted for printing in A2 format. Videos must be in .mov or .avi format, max 2 min long.

B) If the artwork is not in digital form (sculpture, graphics, painting, etc.) we ask authors to e-mail a clear photo of the art piece along with the description, year and dimensions of the art piece. After the announcement of selected works, all the artworks that are not in digital form have to be delivered at author's own expense until April 5th 2018 to: Udruga Kreativni Krk (For Art Exhibition), Kvarnerska 17, 51500 Krk, Hrvatska. Please note that such works will not be returned to the author.

C) For literary works (short stories, poetry, spoken word, etc.): authors are asked to e-mail us typed works in pdf format (max 3 standard pages, 1500 characters per standard page) together with audio or video recording of them reading the piece (videos have to be in .mov or .avi format; audios have to be in mp3 format, 320 kbps). The files have to be named following the scheme: lastname_firstname_titleoftheartwork_year.

• Name, year and description / concept of the artwork (up to half a standard page)

• Artist's CV (up to half a standard page of text, e-mail and phone number) 

• Link to the artist's website, social network profile etc. 

Please send your submissions via e-mail or WeTransfer service on: specifying „For art exhibition“. Submissions must be received by March 9th 2018 at 11:59 pm. 

Important note: submission cannot contain more than 3 artworks.

The jury is made up of art and design professionals:

Maria Elena Brusić (Professor of Philosophy and English language and literature),

Igor Gržetić (Art Historian, Graphic Designer and Audio-visual Artist),

Bruna Justinić (Master of Art History– Contemporary Art / Photography),

Lucija Štefančić (Master of Restoration and Conservation of works of art – Painter).

List of selected works will be published on Creative Krk Association's website and Facebook page by March 25th, 2018. 

Selected works will be exhibited at the renowned “Decumanus” Gallery in the town of Krk (Croatia) from April 27th until May 15th 2018 and presented on our Facebook page

For further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us at:

Visit our website for full text of the open call:



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