2018 TIVA-Offline Browser OPEN CALL!

2018 TIVA-Offline Browser OPEN CALL!

Open Call

Dec. 26, 2017
Deadline Apr. 30, 2018
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2018 TIVA-Offline Browser OPEN CALL!


Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition is a biennial event with the year 2018 being the 6th exhibition. Selected artists with works pertaining to this year’s exhibition “Offline Browser ” will be invited by the curators HSU Chia-Wei and HSU Fong-Ray to participate in the exhibition. In addition, an international open entry will be conducted to select works suitable for the exhibition.


About Offline Browser

Late capitalism uses big data as infrastructure in the accelerating process of global networking, and slowly turns into the most advanced mode of platform capitalism. It further promises life and daily efficiency, so that each individual becomes data and enters the digital wild stream, tearing apart the self-identity amidst rapid-transmitting technology and visualization. Now that platform capitalism brings about compact collaborations from platform to platform while restructuring network relationship, each individual on the Internet appear snaked and insignificant. Such attribute of seemingly extreme openness presents not the transcendence beyond modern times, but the ultimate logical evolution of late capitalism. It declares its political neutrality, allowing images to become a tool that dissolves the present as well as the past. Images thus have scattered in the colorful contemporary life, and yet cuts off its connection with politics as well, symbolizing merely the everyday internal logic.

Although we manipulate our fingers at will and browse the world or send an update in seconds with smooth gestures, individuals and their lives, ever since logging in, are segmented into countless texts and images made of digits, feeding the ever-growing behemoth. With such a huge gap, how does technology that was once seen as a force of liberation appear in the culture of late capitalism nowadays? How is image aesthetics employed as a radical political practice to establish an effective action plan in the current narrative system? How can we, amidst an image wasteland of reproduction instead of production, find the index in between advance technology and universal images? How, among the unlimited predicted futures and rewritten pasts, can the thoughts and perspectives of contemporary culture be manifested in the new era of technology?

Offline is not denying the advancement of technology, but preserving a space for an individual to turn around in the field of view of space and time dissolved by the Internet and in between login and offline, opening up a path of exploration in the homogeneous space-time. “Offline Browser” attempts to collect various image action plans, restoring individual’s power to regulate in modern networking technology. It is a state residing among the cracks of the aforementioned inquiries. While swiping and tapping the screen with fingers, the meta-data extracted from big data shall utilize individuals (human or non-human) as interfaces to weave out the relationship network with recyclability and productivity.




*Open to all domestic and international artists at the age of 18 or above, working with video art. May enter as an individual or as a group. Maximum two entries are allowed for each individual or group.

*Length of the video: Unrestricted.

*Format: Unrestricted.


How To Submit

*Entries are only accepted via applying online.

*Go to the link https://goo.gl/forms/1wpXjwLG1CS72MEK2. Complete the entry information as directed.

*Entry deadline: April 30, 2018. 23:59 p.m. (Taipei, GMT+8).


Selection Process

1.After entry Deadline, curators and museum will hold the primary selection.

2. Panel of juries of prominent scholars and professionals will hold the final selection.

3.Finalistsare selected to be included in the exhibition (the panel of juries reserves the rights to adjust the number of selections according to the entries).

4.Finalists are required to provide detailed information about their entries for use in the promotion and exhibition of the award.


Hong-Gah Museum
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