RaR Bar Onsite Installation

RaR Bar Onsite Installation

Open Call

Nov. 22, 2017
New York/United States
Deadline Dec. 31, 2017
Installation, Exhibitions
Open for applications

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RaR Bar Onsite Installation

This series involves installation art that is site specific. We are seeking submissions of work from local New York City based artists whose work falls within the genre of installation art. The work considered would be of wide ranging mediums and forms but must be able to transform the perception of our space. Installations could be by single artists or collaborations.



·      The artwork should not interfere with the daily routine of RaR – the installations must allow for RaR bar’s business to run without changes or interferences

·      All artwork and materials must be contained and safe for a food establishment (ex. No dusty or sandy particles that spread around, no fumes, no liquids or chemicals etc.)

·      Artists are solely responsible for the installation and dismantling of their work and must provide all necessary tools and materials.

·      The exhibition will be on view for 30 days

·      After the closing of the exhibition artists must return the space to its original condition.

·      Ask questions if a part of your proposal hinges on something related to the space that you are not sure about (ex. hanging from the ceiling, building a false floor, painting everything black). Send me a short email asking if it’s possible, and I’ll be happy to let you know. Proposals that aren’t realistic for our space cannot be accepted.

·      This installation series is open to NYC based artists as we cannot finance shipping/ travel costs.

·      Artist will send a proposal for consideration to Tina at rarbarlic@gmail.com subject titled: “RaR Bar On-Site Installation Series” .The proposal must include the artists CV and links to samples of their work as well as the estimated time frame for production and installation. We strongly recommend you come see the space before submitting your application. 


·      To find out more about our space please visit us on www.rarbarlic.com


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