Open Call 2018 | 2019 – Exhibition at the „Narrenkastl“, art space

Open Call 2018 | 2019 – Exhibition at the „Narrenkastl“, art space

Open Call

Oct. 12, 2017
Deadline Nov. 16, 2017
Activism, Conceptual, Design, Drawing, Film, Installation, I...
Open for applications

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Open Call 2018 | 2019 – Exhibition at the „Narrenkastl“, art space

The Narrenkastl is an old window (120x140 cm); glass cabinet in a passage to a house, in the middle of the main square of the little city Frohnleiten (25km near Graz/ in Styria/ Austria).
(Narrenkastl – word means: It's an austrian word for people who stare into mid-air, lost in their thoughts. In this way I mean it like dreaming, to open a space for you, being lost in time and space. I give you a chance to stare, to dream while looking at art, to interpret in for yourself)


The Narrenkastl is no benefit for me, it´s just my hobby. It exist now since 2011. You can see more at

Please send me your application ( CV, PORTFOLIO) with concept until the 16 OF NOVEMBER 2017 to the email:

The artist will be choosen by me and I will write you an email about the programm.

Agreement for the exhibition:
duration of the exhibition is 1 month
CV, title of the work, technique, intention of the work, contact information has to be send in time ,

A concept of the artwork, also some pictures have to be attached – if there exist an idea of the presentation in the art space 

advertising/poster will be done by Ulli Gollesch

the work will be returned to the artist after the exhibition (by shipping/post office) or the artist picks it up himself
the glass of the space is equipped with safety glass and insured on home insurance
the risk of the exhibition is borne from the artist himself
the exhibitor can´t ask for claim for damages to the operator of the Narrenkastl
interessed customers are relayed
there is no commission – Ulli Gollesch is just the curator, founder, organiser and adjuster between the observer and the artist.

The artist has to pay 25 Euro for all costs (energy of the light, advertisments, paper, press..)
the exhibition/the application is the consents to this agreement



Ulli Gollesch
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