In Pursuit of Error

In Pursuit of Error

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Aug. 30, 2018
Chester/United Kingdom
Deadline Jan. 21, 2018
Online Exhibition, Publication, Other
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In Pursuit of Error

IPE is a practice-research project investigating the photographic error.  The project has been running since 2014 and photographs already submitted have been shown at conferences and exhibitions in the UK and Europe.  See the project website for contributions and writing so far: In Pursuit of Error

This call is going out to increase contributions to the project and for a future publication in 2018. 

I’m looking for contributions of photographic errors - images that are blurred, out of focus, under-exposed, over-exposed, distorted or which have failed in some way - the ones that normally get deleted or thrown away.  

I’m particularly interested in errors occurring in digital photography as these are often less likely to be kept and retained.  The project is concerned with errors that have occurred 'in-camera' at the point of taking the photo, rather than those that have been created in post production, so please don't send images which have been ‘glitched’ or had some kind of error-effect applied during processing. 

If you would like to contribute to the project please send me your photographic errors and tell me how they came about and why it is an error for you.  In particular please tell me whether the error occurred accidentally (e.g. wrong camera setting) or as a result of a deliberate action on your part (e.g. waving the camera about!).   Include links to your website or online presence so I can credit you on the website.

Your images and your narrative of how your error occurred will be included on the project website and used in developing the research project and in future presentations of the project.  All contributors retain their copyright and receive full credit in all future forms and presentations of the project.  



Tracy Piper-Wright
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