Help Caedmon, a computer, learning how to make art.

Help Caedmon, a computer, learning how to make art.

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Jun. 28, 2017
Deadline Jun. 28, 2018
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Conceptual, Digital, Online Exhibitions, Others
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Help Caedmon, a computer, learning how to make art.

Caedmon is a digital art project which aims to teach a computer how to make art.

The software has been fed with more than 10'000 artworks from various ages and cultures, and it's now trying to examine them in order to learn what art is and how to make art.

The process, in short, is the following: Caedmon takes two pictures and performs a statystical analysis of them in order to learn how to recreate them. Those information gets mixed together in order to generate a new image derived by the previous two. Then, this picture enters in the loop, getting mixed again with other pictures, and so on.

That's where you come into play: in order to refine its results, Caedmon relies on community's likes, in a process assimilable to natural evolution. The created pictures can 'survive', and generate new 'childs', meaning new pictures based on them, or they can 'die' and not reproduce. In this way, only successful attempts to create art will be used in order to generate new pictures, in such a way that, at a certain point, Caedmon will be able to create artworks which can be considered both original and a work of art.

You can go through Caedmon's collection on Facebook, Twitter and on its own website, where you can also find more info about the whole process. It's very important for the software if people would help him learning by liking its products.



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