Open Call for Projects / Walk&Talk Azores

Open Call for Projects / Walk&Talk Azores

Open Call

Apr. 11, 2017
Ponta Delgada/Portugal
Deadline May. 25, 2017
Residency, Grant, Competition, Biennial/Festival, Curatorial Proposal
Architecture, Installation, Intervention, Mixed Media, Sculp...
Open for applications

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Open Call for Projects / Walk&Talk Azores

The call to projects is a way to open Walk&Talk's the curatorial process. It allows us to map new artists, projects and ideas, and to diversify the contents presented at the festival. With the support of Delta Group, we will select 2 projects, to which we guaranteed a production fee, round trip to Ponta Delgada and a production team.


The Public Art Circuit is at the genesis of Walk&Talk and already has close to 80 art works in São Miguel and Terceira Island, among murals, sculptures and installations of artists such as Rodrigo Oliveira, Vhils, Sarah Mohr, Mark Jenkins, Remed, Pastel or Orizzontale. 

Intrinsically participative, Walk&Talk maintains its organic desire to recreate the public space, through its body, its image and its imaginary, in the construction of what we can understand as an open-air museum. However, it has found new meanings, not only in the expanded field of contemporary art stricto sensu, but also in music, dance, theatre and cinema.


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