Residency for Artists - in Beirut, Lebanon

Residency for Artists - in Beirut, Lebanon

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Jul. 26, 2017
Deadline Dec. 31, 2017
Activism, Architecture, Conceptual, Curating, Design, Digita...
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Residency for Artists - in Beirut, Lebanon

  Space27 offers an artist residency opportunity, allowing for artists visiting Beirut for short work periods to be housed in the space, participate in its activities, and exchange with local emerging artists.

Since we started, we have hosted visual artist Daphne K, architect/researcher Bjørnar Haveland, filmmaker Tophy Cho, and photographer Kristòf Hölvényi.  BE A RESIDENT ARTIST Residents are asked to pay a contribution for accommodation in a private room. We are a self-sustaining initiative that aims to support alternative artistic creation, provides and maintains an affordable space for artists and cultural practitioners and supports their needs in the production and presentation of work outside the context of an existing institutional structure. Your accommodation rental fees will go to helping keep the space running. Artists have access to the workshop, the woodwork equipment, the rehearsal space, and everything else the Space has to offer. Workshops and events held by Space27 are open to residents. Residents collaborate with us on a workshop, talk, or other activity open to the public and more specifically Lebanese University Fine Arts students and recent grads. We work on giving that activity exposure and documentation; as well as any exhibition, performance or event residents might do during their stay. PS: We will be very happy to accommodate your dog/cat/parrot/fish/monster under your bed. Ours are very friendly.


Space 27 Beirut
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