"Mapping Kefalonia"

"Mapping Kefalonia"

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Jan. 01, 2014
Island Kefalonia /Greece
Deadline Dec. 30, 2020
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"Mapping Kefalonia"

"Mapping Kefalonia"

It  is an innovative  project, introduced by artists and designers from different academic background :

Includes training, exploration and mapping of the Greek Island Kefalonia by several meanings and creative aspects, through History, Art and Science.


Haytham Nawar (Artist, Designer and Researcher)

Ghalia Elsrakbi (Design collective Foundland) www.foundland.info

Lauren Alexander (Design collective Foundland) www.foundland.info

Ibrahim Islam (Designer)

Wahida Abduwahab (Designer)

Maria X Demas (Artist)

Engy Ali Kamel (Designer)

TIME : The project will start during a summer workshop (July-August -September 2014) to be continued for the years 2015, 2016, 2017.

VENUE : Greek Island Kefalonia . The workshops, activities, exhibitions  will be hold and organized in the Ionion Center for Art and Culture. AIM : The aim of the workshop is to create and make an alternative guide, or series of maps, that present the island in different, creative and artistic ways. Includes exploration of the island and creative process applying in all disciplines, included design, architecture, photography, drawing, painting, video art, multidisciplinary projects, new technologies  .....................

ELIGIBILITY: Are acceptable and eligible all disciplines and multidisciplinary proposals submitted   by Schools,Institutions, groups or individual participants.

CONDITIONS :The participants will publish their concept in advance on the Ionion Center official website .The outcomes of the Summer workshops will be communicated  to the public during a presentation  and an exhibition where the  participants will be able to explain their ideas, maps and work. A special website will be launched to collect materials and show the final results and to announce the further continuation of the project in the next years.

PRIZE : The participation in the project is automatically offering to the artists  participation in the Ionion Center grants of the year starting from 1000 euro  up to 30.000 euro for the best project.

ARTISTS /PARTICIPANTS  2014 GRANTED FOR THE YEAR 2015 : Julia Heyrling, Sweden . 

PROGRAM : Starting July 2014 , open now accepting proposals for July-August- September-October 2014 -2015, 2016, 2017.

DEADLINES : on going- accepting proposals [proposals submitted  before 15th April   of each year will be included in the Year Summer program and  grants ]

Opening date for applications: 01/01/2014   Deadlines : on going


Information –Contact : www.ionionartscenter.grinfo@ionionartscenter.gr


Application form :http://goo.gl/forms/q2f8aD9uzk


All programs / sessions/ workshops  are implemented-developed  under  the terms,  conditions, regulations of the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture  residencies program.


Term of the sessions 15days [minimum participation term] Participation in the session and /or/ sessions and all the activities scheduled on the Core Program

Core Program including :

 a. exploration of the island and information -material collection for  creation /development  of the program

b. attendance of the session(s)/workshop(s)activities

 c. exhibition/performance/presentation of the works


Details and information for  each of the sessions/ workshops on the website www.ionionartscenter.gr/programs /  or/  info@ionionartscenter.gr




Ionion Center For The Arts And Culture
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