valerie salez
Location: Victoria/Canada

Activism, Architecture, Conceptual, Installation, Intervention, Mixed Media, Other, Performance, Photography, Sculpture, Textile, Video


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Artist Bio

Since 2003 I’ve been engaged in a multi disciplinary art practice that includes performance, video, photography, sculptural installation, and collage.  My work has been both collaborative and solo. Often relying on provisional materials, it can be framed as arte povera and/or situationist in nature. For four years I engaged in snow shoveling performances/interventions at residencies across Canada. Video and photo documentation of these performances have been exhibited at university art galleries and artist run centers in Canada, including the 2010 Vancouver Cultural Olympiad. Other collaborations include large outdoor sculptural installations with elements of performance.  As well, I have produced a number of solo installations using collected objects and textiles that have been installed in various galleries across Canada. Interspersed throughout the aforementioned practices I produce large scale collage works that have been purchased by private collectors and art banks.  I grew up in the Yukon and currently dwell in Victoria,BC.

Artist Statement

As both an artist and person Valerie Salez celebrates creative tangents that deny categorical chains.  Directionless meanderings, spontaneity, obsession, inquistivness, dreams, the unknown and the yet-to-be-discovered lead her life and practice by the hand.

Artistic engagement takes form in a multitude of ways. Performance in the vain of psychogeographic interventions and Situationist style musings are used, for instance, to 'shovel snow'. Public engagement, both suspected and unsuspected, are often involved in Salez’s artworks.  She has declared and built a Micro-Nation, made squats for the homeless, wraps antlers in vintage lace, fills teacups with fur and covers large industrial landscapes with knitted afgan blankets. A 2D studio-based practice allow for a more interior art making process resulting in large collage works and stop frame animations.

"Her work is a bizarre and sincere conflation of opposites."  Murry Whyte Toronto Star


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