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Location: The Hague/Netherlands

Activism, Conceptual, Curating, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Performance, Photography, Printmaking, Project Organizing, Video


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Anna Kurtycz (Mexico 1970) and RUDEK (The Netherlands, 1975) form an artist couple since 2002 under the brand name “Studio Kurtycz”. Using engraving as a departure point (in particular relief printing) they mobilize all kinds of techniques and styles: painting, engraving, photography, video, installation and Street Art, in order to explore their joint potential. Their work has been exhibited in France, The Netherlands, United States, Spain, Mexico, Ghana, Canada and Benin.


Anna Kurtycz and RUDEK lived and worked in Africa from 2008 to 2015 (first in Ghana and later in Benin) where they co-developed art projects-exhibitions. Convinced that Art is fundamental for the development of a country, they mobilized artists an local population under a share topic:  Women (A woman is a woman, 2009), migration (Migration-Identity, 2010), the society of extremes (Neither Black Nor White, 2011), corruption (The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born, 2012 in partnership with the Goethe Institute) and uniformity (Girls in Uniform 2014-2015). 


The project “The Beautyful Ones Are Not et Born” (2012) took place in a poor neighborhood of Accra with the participation of 20 artists and the use of different tools such as video and Internet in order to work closely with the local population. Through the project “Girls in Uniform” (2014-2015), they mobilized schools, community centers, and different groups in Benin and ended with a graphic performance aat the Chale Wote Street Art Festival in Accra (August 2015). 


Back in the Netherlands, since September 2015, the couple is now working on three main projects: “Lampedusa”, an artistic reading of migration dynamics, “Vouloir tout et son contraire”, contradictions and incongruities in contemporary discourse, and “Marcos Kurtycz. Vida y Muerte de un impresor” a research project about the life of the Polish-Mexican artist Marcos Kurtycz.


Through their work they give meaning to the places they live in, they keep track of their life and record the memory of the people and things around them. Anna’s approach is based on the assembly of scenes of daily life, searching for the voluntary/involuntary interaction between people in the same space (the crowd is a recurrent topic in her work). RUDEK’s approach tries to get the individual out of the mass, through a more portrait-based approach. It is precisely on this tension between the individual and the mass where their common work is positioned.



Anna Kurtycz and RUDEK are part of the Conseil National Français des Arts Plastiques and the International Association of Art.


Neither Black Nor Wh...

The Hague/Netherlands

Activism, Printmaking


Uniform Electronics....

The Hague/Netherlands

Conceptual, Mixed Media, Printmaking


Girls In Uniform

The Hague/Netherlands

Activism, Conceptual, Curating, Installation, Mixed Media, P...

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