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Location: Sao Paulo/Brazil

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Rosângela Ap was born in 1977, in São Paulo, Brazil. Bachelor of Visual Arts (2009), degree Teaching in Visual Arts (2010) by Art Institute of Unesp, São Paulo. Student of Master of Arts in Visual Arts (2011-2013) from the same university. Scholarship CAPES (2011-2013). She´s Graphical (1996-1999) and Interiors Designer (2001-2003) formed by ETEC Carlos de Campos. Since 1996, she participates regularly of exbihitions as artist. Some of his works are present in the collection of the Musée de l’Elisée (Lausanne, Switzerland), the Istituto Cultural Bertold Brecht (Milan, Italy), the Associazione Cultural Acquamarina (Trieste, Italy), the Grafisk Vaerkst (Naested, Denmark), the Brazilian Association of Artists of Collage (Sao Paulo, Brazil), as well appear in print and online catalogs. Member of the researches groups cat - science/Art/tecnology, IA-Unesp/CNPq, coordinated by PhD. Milton T. Sogabe (IA-Unesp) and PhD. Fernando Fogliano (Senac-SP), and GIIP - Grupo Internacional e Interinstitucional de Pesquisa em Convergências entre Arte, Ciência e Tecnologia, coordinated by PhD. Rosangella Leote. Minister courses and lectures about art and technology for educational and cultural institutions.


Paisagens De São Pa...

Sao Paulo/Brazil

Digital, Photography

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