bowen xu
Location: Manhattan, KS/United States

Activism, Drawing


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Bowen Xu is an art student who majors in studio fine art in the department of art and science at the Kansas state university. He concentrates his fine art craft on drawing, a trade that builds the foundation for all other types of art and design. He is good at using lighting, color, and picture composition to create a strong image. And he often works with water media, ink washing, and pastel.

Bowen grew up in China and spent his adulthood in the united state, the changes of worldview fill his works with skepticism. When he drew a heartwarming family scene, you cannot tell if the subtext of the scene is about love between family members, or is it a critic on the effect of religion on modern day western culture and society. 

His work has been shared among many military humor topic social media sites, military personals and like-minded people enjoy his sense of humor and the added skeptical vibe that challenges “what is normal.”


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Manhattan, KS/United States

Activism, Drawing

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