pamela heller
Location: Chautauqua/United States

Performance, Photography, Sound, Video


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Artist, photographer and writer, Pamela generates her work via a variety of processes and materials. A descendant of immigrants, she grew up listening to stories of life in Russia at the turn of the century. From a young age she listened closely while her grandparents, great aunts and uncles told their tales. Their voices, language, and means of expression fed her imagination for many years. 

The tales shared from generation to generation led her to embrace themes from folktales, mythology and history. By using elements that activate the senses, she aims to amplify the story via an intimate and sensory experience. 

Since the 1980's she has produced site specific installations, public art, sculpture, mixed media, photography, audio and video. Many of her projects involve collaboration with communities and individuals who add their voice and personal stories to the mix. 

Her film MUSE has recently been published in WomenCinemakers 2018 Biennale Edition. I LOVE YOU a collaborative chant is now playing with Mischa Kuball's "resonant" at the Jewish Museum Berlin, along with other musicians. 

Pamela continues to explore multiple disciplines, blending together the visual and performing arts.


I Love You

Chautauqua/United States




Chautauqua/United States

Performance, Photography, Sound, Video

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