MIGRATION SEAS Class led by Salma Zulfiqar
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April 24, 2018
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island Kefalonia , Greece


‘’The Seas are vehicles for building understanding and peace between communities around the World. The Seas are a vehicle for transporting and connecting people and cultures. They allow people to experience and immerse themselves in different cultures so that we can learn from one another and learn to live with one another in peace,’’         Salma Zulfiqar

British artist & Activist, Salma Zulfiqar, will hold an exploratory creative workshop on the relationship between Migration and the SEAS.

Participants will identify strands they would like to document through art and will be invited to create artwork in the form of paintings, films, videos or photography on the issue of  Migration and the Seas.

Participants will brainstorm and discuss current issues related to Migration and the SEAS.         What Migration means to all taking part and how this can be interpreted into different forms of creative communication and artwork through a creative storyboarding process. The creative sessions will also explore the impact art can have in raising awareness of an issue such as migration and also how art as a whole can help build prosperous & tolerant societies around the world.

LOCATION : Greek Island Kefalonia

VENUE : Greek Island Kefalonia  at the  Iakovateios Library ,town of Lixouri  &  Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture

DATES : May 12th –May 18th 2018

EVENT   May 16th, International Day of Living Together in Peace

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all, all disciplines with focus to Film, Photography, Painting

APPLICATIONS :info@ionionartscenter.gr

DEADLINES: April 25th 2018  

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Salma Zulfiqar  is an International Artist and Activist and her creative work has been influenced by the extraordinary landscapes and textiles she has encountered during her travels working for the United Nations. Her creations on canvas have been exhibited in London, Birmingham, Dubai, Paris and Greece. Salma has also designed and championed creative workshops in the UK to empower women migrants and refugees, promote integration and tackle hate crimes and extremism. Her work is targeted at influencing policy making by politicians and is reshaping the work of community groups she is working with to make positive changes in society.

Salma Zulfiqar - Creative Communications


The program is developed under the auspices of the Kefalonian Municipality, Lixouri. Palliki and the Education Office.