FORUM - Larry Amponsah: "DAMNED IF I DO... DAMNED IF I DON'T" (Workshop)

FORUM - Larry Amponsah: "DAMNED IF I DO... DAMNED IF I DON'T" (Workshop)


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Opening Date
Mar. 30, 2019
Opening Time
Close Date
Mar. 30, 2019
Installation, Mixed Media, Performance
Pushkin House
5A Bloomsbury Square
London, United Kingdom WC12 2TA

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FORUM - Larry Amponsah: "DAMNED IF I DO... DAMNED IF I DON'T" (Workshop)

Ghanaian artist Larry Amponsah will present an immersive film, sculptural installation and mixed-media drawing workshop called DAMNED IF I DO… DAMNED IF I DON’T. His new film, Looking for Sugar in the Ocean… Who is the Enemy? samples scenes from a Ghanaian market, providing a window into people’s daily lives and struggles. Amponsah treats the film as a painting: layering and re-configuring the imagery, manipulating the speed and applying saturated colour schemes, before finally inverting it to distort and alienate traces of identity. After screening this new work, the artist will host a drawing, painting and collage workshop inviting visitors to interpret their own experience of the space. This event is part of Forum: Of Hosts & Guests, a three-day series of artist performances, film screenings, talks and workshops exploring ideas of hospitality, hierarchy, ritual and belonging organised by Open Space and guest curated by Katherine Finerty. Forum runs from Thursday 28 March - Saturday 30 March2019 in Bloomsbury, London: University College London (UCL), Mary Ward House and Pushkin House. The programme on Saturday 30 March takes place at Pushkin House under the theme of "The Cultural Centre – Reimagining the Heritage". More information here.


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