Open Call: Residencies in Western Colorado

Open Call: Residencies in Western Colorado


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Mar. 07, 2018
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Sep. 01, 2018
Activism, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Drawing, Film, Instal...
107 3rd St
Paonia, CO
United States

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Open Call: Residencies in Western Colorado

The Residency Program provides space and time for artists. We welcome visual artists, writers, composer/musicians, performance artists at any stage of their careers as well as scientists, activists, teachers, students, or any kind of creative thinker interested in exploring and expanding their work in a unique and supportive environment. Elsewhere consists of artistically crafted and unique living and studio spaces. Time spans are individually based - 1 to 6 months, accommodating 4 to 6 artists at a time. Elsewhere is a choose-your-own-adventure style residency. Situated in downtown Paonia, the spaces are versatile, providing residents with opportunities to connect and interact with other artists in the community, to create or participate in art exhibitions, and to teach classes or workshops. Deadline is March 7th. Learn more here:


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