Design Fiction Evening

Design Fiction Evening


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Dec. 07, 2017
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Dec. 07, 2017
Design, Digital, Intervention
185 rue Christophe-Colomb Est
Québec, Québec, QC G1K 3S6

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Design Fiction Evening

“Design Fiction, as a discursive practice, pushes for speculative scenarios that can be envisaged as a means to stimulate debates about societal questions. Indeed, Design Fiction is able to foster a certain pluralism of visions that necessarily have to co-exist among a public policy-making process.“* As part of a research residency in art and science, LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE welcomes the artist Andrée-Anne Blacutt from February 27, 2017 to February 27, 2018. In continuity with this project, we want to invite the public to an evening of Design Fiction to be held on December 7 at 6:30pm. The public will be invited to live scenarios that will provoke impressions, questions and other emotions. Thereafter, there will be a discussion period. The purpose of the evening is to stimulate reflection in relation to the position of the pedestrian. Finally, the information gathered about each one's experience will be used in Andrée-Anne Blacutt's research project. The artist has prepared two scenarios. One will be in the manner of Alfred North Whitehead** and the other in the manner of Michael Jackson. The purpose of these two scenarios will be to compare the context and put the pedestrian status into perspective. This research project is part of her PhD at the Faculty of Music at Université Laval with the support of the caisse d’économie solidaire. Andrée-Anne Blacutt is an artiste-documentarist who lives and works in Quebec City. She is a doctoral candidate in adaptive arts and technology at Université Laval. It is the processes of sensory perception that are at the center of her research and creation process. She completed a Master's degree in Visual Arts with the goal of developing a decorative visual and sound narrative space system. Since 2001, Blacutt has presented projects that multiply the way human beings can be contextualized differently according to space and time. Theater, painting, design, television and music are among his creative domains. She is currently working on a project to improve the quality of mobility of people as a value to foster a model of interaction between art and science. *Kerspern, Bastien, Estelle Hary, and Léa Lippera. “ProtoPolicy, Le Design Fiction Comme Modalité de Négociation Des Transformations Sociopolitiques Bastien Kerspern Léa Lippera Estelle Hary.” (2017). **Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947) is a philosopher and algebraist. He published Process and Reality in 1929, but it's his book Concept de Nature published in 1920 that will guide the artist's literary performance during the Design Fiction evening that alternates between English, Spanish and French. The artist will verbalize her thought vertically on the perception of nature by adding her reading notes.


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