Thierry Guibert (FR) - Solaris

Thierry Guibert (FR) - Solaris


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Oct. 05, 2017
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Digital, Performance, Sound, Video
185, rue Christophe-Colomb Est
Québec, QC G1K 3S6

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Thierry Guibert (FR) - Solaris

LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE welcomes French artist Thierry Guibert for a production residency spanning from August 8 and October 8, 2017. A presentation will take place on October 5, 2017, at 5pm. Thierry Guibert is an artist/researcher who admits to being a thinkcoder (thinkerer/coder). He will take the opportunity of his long residency in LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE’s laboratories to further his Solaris project. At the first stage of the project, the artist imagined and created a device composed of a turntable, scanner and synthesizer. Such instrument allows visual forms to be translated into audio forms. He spins graphic disks on his modified turntables. By replacing pickups by ultra-rapid micro-cameras, he can obtain a flux of mobile images that is then interpreted as sound through a computer program. Thus the visual space turns into a sound space.  In the course of his residency, Thierry Guibert intends to pursue the fabrication of disk prototypes. These 33 RPM was until now mostly made of paper. With the help of the state of the art material and equipment of LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE, this residency will allow for the realization of plexiglass disks, full or with cut-outs, coloured or transparent. Using LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE’s material, the artist wishes to produce 3D printed disks which the volume modulates the light, thus giving birth to a musical landscape. Thierry Guibert invites us to listen to this landscape, to let ourselves be gently lulled us by the musicality of the form. Thierry Guibert is an Associate Professor of fine arts, doctoral in practical studies of the arts at UQAM, Montréal. He is a member of CIAM (Reasearch Centre for media arts from UQAM, Montreal, Canada), as well as and a member of the research group on the effects of presence (UQAM, Montréal, Canada). For over 15 years, he has explored digital images in all its form : interactive, reactive, programmed and self-contained. Since 3003, he has exposed his work among others in France, Belgium, Germany, in Canada and in the USA.


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