Andrea Knezovic - Story of the "I"

Andrea Knezovic - Story of the "I"


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Jul. 10, 2017
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Jul. 11, 2017
Activism, Conceptual, Curating, Digital, Film, Installation,...
Osijek, Croatia 31000

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Andrea Knezovic - Story of the "I"

The exhibition Story of the “I” of the young artist Andrea Knezović will be held on Monday, July 10th as a part of the POPUP34 project and the Osijek Summer of Culture. This exhibition is her longtime project in which the artist seeks after those aspects of self in which she can also find characteristics woven into the dimension of collective consciousness. Her works are presented in first person and rely on the model of self-representation. Self-representation was used by contemporary artists so that they could represent themselves, but also more than that; so that they could present a wider set of individual and collective (inter)relations through themselves. Some artist use representations of themselves as a source of invention, creation, exploration of different roles, showing how that representation can be deceiving, and to create a ‘new’ personality through mental or physical manifestation. For this type of presentation, video and photography mediums are very suitable. In photography that explores self-representation, there’s an essential element of control. The artist controls everything that’s included in that representation, having complete control over the material that’s laid out in front of the audience. Self-representation is also connected to identity. An artist becomes a representative figure of the work and the symbol of the real and fabricated identity he/she is trying to reproduce. A big part of contemporary photography uses indicators of identity – intimate or personal, gender related, racial or class specific, all with the purpose of intellectual discourse.  Documentation becomes an essential part of art. Although we consider photography as a medium that mirrors reality precisely, artists are aware that it also has the power to shape a new level or perception. Its realistic nature is often used to present fictions that are created using photography and in that way they criticize the stigma about photography as a mere device for presenting reality. As in reality, there is no ultimate truth and something that can be seen as fiction can have elements of truth, although often hidden. With the works presented in this exhibition, Andrea Knezović puts the focus on herself and her identity, questioning it as a construction of individual/collective and personal/social forces that shape a person as an individual entity embedded into the socio-political totality of reality she carries with and inside of herself. Andrea Knezović is a multimedia artist born in 1992 in Croatia. In 2011, she finished the high school of Arts and in 2014, she received a BA degree at Academy of Arts, Osijek, Croatia. She is currently finishing her MA degree in multimedia art at Academy of Arts, Osijek, Croatia. In 2015, Andrea received an award for best work for her video First Experience at the Academy of Arts, Osijek final exhibition. In 2016, she participated in an international residency called Tropical Lab in Singapore among 28 artists from around the world and exhibited her work at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Singapore. She exhibits in Croatia and abroad and lives and works in Osijek, Croatia.   .


Andrea Knezovic
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