Re-IMAGINED x Messy Masterpiece

Re-IMAGINED x Messy Masterpiece


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Opening Date
Jun. 10, 2017
Opening Time
Close Date
Jun. 24, 2017
Mixed Media, Painting
1546 N. Highland Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
United States

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Re-IMAGINED x Messy Masterpiece

“Messy Masterpiece works comes from basic human need to create and from passion and interest. Even playful gestures are sort of complex hidden stories. Every aspect of her paintings interests me” said Gallery Director and Curator Carlos Benitez. Los Angeles based artist MESSY MASTERPIECE paints for the pure LOVE of it. She lets the creative process flow through her onto the canvas. Since she is not a fan of manufactured enthusiasm, her pieces represent her genuine expression at the moment. With a focus of acrylic and aerosol on canvas, wild mixes of colors in matt, gloss and metallic finishes bring visual interest and demand attention. Heather's messy little masterpieces express her emotional connection, playful nature and limitless joy.


Carlos Benitez
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