Degenerated Graphics and Meetup VISQuébec

Degenerated Graphics and Meetup VISQuébec


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May. 01, 2017
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May. 01, 2017
185, rue Christophe-Colomb Est
Québec, QC G1K 3S6

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Degenerated Graphics and Meetup VISQuébec

LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE is pleased to welcome the exhibition Degenerated graphics taking place during the VISQuébec event. The Meetup and the opening of the exhibition will take place on May 1st at 5 pm. The exhibition will run from May 1st to May 7, 2017.For the Meetup, we will have the pleasure to welcome a specialist in data visualization from Silicon Valley : Micah Stubbs. Stubbs is actively involved in the open source community through the sharing of his research.For the exhibition and presentation of VISQuébec, the accident in the process of data visualization will be the subject of this event. Although aesthetic, these errors in the graphics lead to unexpected aberrations that can turn into unreadable and perhaps even imaginary data. For the D3.js data visualization community, visual failures are shared on the Web via #d3brokeandmadeart. The sharing of these failures makes it possible to understand the process that occurs during these visual aberrations approaching glitch art.This event is an open invitation to the artistic community, the curious, the professionals and the amateurs of data visualization.Micah StubbsMicah Stubbs is a datavis engineer at in Silicon Valley, where he builds visual experiences for machine learning research. Micah is active in the open source community and a D3.js community leader. @micahstubbsAbout VISQuébecVISQuébec Meetup aims to bring together the actors of data visualization in Québec City. Open to both amateurs and experts in data visualization, the meetup provides an overview of this multidisciplinary field. The initiators of this project are 04h11, LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE and Christophe Viau. @VISquebec


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