Study day - Francys Chenier (MTL)

Study day - Francys Chenier (MTL)


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May. 04, 2017
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May. 04, 2017
Conceptual, Intervention, Performance
185 rue Christophe-Colomb Est
Quebec, QC G1K 3S6

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Study day - Francys Chenier (MTL)

LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE welcomes artist Francys Chenier for a research residency at the documentation centre from April 3 to May 7. The public is invited for a study day entitled La bibliothèque en tant que forme malléable (collection, meuble, bâtiment) à la fois contenant et contenu on May 4, 2017, from 1pm to 5pm at LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE’s documentation centre.   For this research, Chenier intends to follow the reflection initiated during his Master’s degree about the crossover between poetry, contextual art and librarianship. More precisely, he will pore over the links existing between the spheres of art, information science (classification systems) and the internal architecture of libraries (classification systems). As an artist, writer and librarian, he operates in such an interdisciplinary context.   The renewal of knowledge spaces, of their form and their accessibility and as such the plastic dimension they contain bring Chenier to this question at once simple and complex: What is a library? Between the hands of an artist the library becomes pliable, midway between sculpture, installation and exhibition space. Thus does the artist operating within such structure become a librarian?  How to name things at the crossroads of these practices ? Following these reflections, Chenier will produce an eclectic commented lexicon of words, artworks,  terminology, etc.    Francys Chenier holds an undergraduate degree in visual and media arts (2010) as well as an interdisciplinary Master’s degree in art  (2012-2015) from Laval University’s  Art School. In 2010, he was awarded a dissemination grant from Première Ovation and, in 2013, a research grant from the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et Culture (FRQSC). His work has been presented by Est-Nord-Est (2014), Dare-Dare (2013), Folie Culture (2011), la Galerie des Arts Visuels (2010, 2011), and le Festival international du film sur l’art (2009), as well as by Artexte and Praxis Art Actuel (2015). In addition, his works are often realized independently and furtively outside of traditional exhibition spaces such as Filliou idéal, 2015 edition from VIVA! Art Action (Montreal).


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