OPEN CALL | AIR as an expanded testing room @Mexico, City.

OPEN CALL | AIR as an expanded testing room @Mexico, City.


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Opening Date
Mar. 08, 2017
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Close Date
Dec. 31, 2017
Activism, Architecture, Conceptual, Curating, Design, Digita...
Calle Miami 27
Col. Napoles
Mexico City, Mexico

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OPEN CALL | AIR as an expanded testing room @Mexico, City.

Hosted at Pandeo in Mexico City, <The Lab Program>>  is run as an expanded testing room. It welcomes anybody who is currently questioning their disciplinary practice, and willing to extend their inquiries, methodologies, and project showcasing strategies. The Lab Program invites candidates to take creative risks by re-negotiating genuinecuriosity as main gear for critical thinking. This by offering tools to re-manage their notions, senses, and concepts. All with the purpose of revealing yet unexplored perspectives and touching deeper layers of themselves within the complexities of the world today. Participants are guided to develop their ideas and outcomes in relation to the cultural, affective and urban experiences of living in Mexico City. Our residents get the chance to share their work in public events such as talks, exhibitions, workshops, open studio sessions or any other format that may fit the nature of the projects. Even though Pandeo has its own gallery space, through this program, some independent art spaces in the city are open to collaborate with our residents. Engagement with the local community is highly encouraged.


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