OPEN CALL, Palermo special week-end residency

OPEN CALL, Palermo special week-end residency

Open Call

Jun. 15, 2018
Deadline Jun. 02, 2018
Open for applications

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OPEN CALL, Palermo special week-end residency

bi- is the first international art biennial Milo-Térénez

bi- is a driving force in supporting the role of creators, and nurturing the careers of artists, we have spent the last three months creating and debating art that makes a difference to people’s life. From Mexico to Paris, from Berlin to Cairo our creative projects and cultural exchange programmes have sought out contexts where art matters most and worked with those for whom art makes a difference in their lives.

bi- seeks to ask radical questions through participatory art projects, performances, educational initiatives and debates. We bring artists, activists, academics and audiences together for projects that address true creativity.

bi- is delighted to deal with emerging and confirmed artists coming from twelve countries all around the world. Standing on the forefront of research and promotion of new contemporary art trends, bi- provides research and production opportunities addressed to the younger generation of artists, directly in contact with recognised art critics.

bi- now expands its reach to include the newest developments in the visual arts, by continuously developing new initiatives that reflect its commitment to the broader artworld. Artist residency bi- reaffirms its strong cultural mission with its new project, a programme of artist gatherings – unrivalled in scope in the landscape of international art residencies – that will be hosted in the emblematic city of Palermo, during the appalling Manifesta12 opening.

It is a great opportunity to gather, meet and to network together in the splendid framework of Sicily. bi- offers a special occasion to take part to the residency for the special Manifesta weekend (15th - 18th of June) for two artists, curators, scholars, architects, etc... For this special weekend during the vibrant Manifesta12 opening in Palermo, the two residents will join a group of ten international artists, practitioners, art critics and art professionals.
They will live a unique experience of shared creativity, exchanging ideas and thriving together. bi- provides full accommodation in a roomy apartment at the pulsing heart of the city; a professional peer-to-peer tutoring, outstanding visibility during one of the most important contemporary art events in the world, and practical advice about the local art scene. bi- bi- does not cover travel expenses, meals, insurance, beverages, nor production costs.

Open call

To apply, send the following documents:

▶ resume (1 A4 page);
▶ portfolio (max. 30 A4 pages);
▶ specific project for the bi- Manifesta12 weekend residency (max. 5 A4 pages);
▶ cover letter (1 A4 page);
▶ at least two references by art professionals (with their contacts);
▶ copy of id or passport;
▶ signed application form (page below);
▶ payment of the application fee of 30€, via paypal transfer
(bi- is a notfor-profit organization, the application fee is meant only to cover the flower expenses during the residency).

The total size of the application must not exceed 10MB. Applications via file transfer platform such as WeTransfer will be ignored. No refund of application fees is contemplated. All material sent to bi- will become its sole intellectual property in any country for an undetermined period of time. The application must be sent by email to before the 2nd of June 2018. The results of the jury will be communicated on the 4th of June 2018, to the selected candidates only. Unsuccessful candidates will not be noticed 


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