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Mar. 01, 2008
Berlin /Germany
Deadline May. 01, 2008
Conceptual, Mixed Media, Performance
Open for applications

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FICTIVE DAYS is a two-week performance studio for the collective research of fictional characters. Taking place during the NEW LIFE BERLIN Festival in June 2008, eight artists/researchers has be selected from WOOLOO.ORG applicants to live and work closely together in a large Berlin apartment at 10405 Berlin / Prenzlauer Berg. The back house, 3rd floor. /Tram M4 (the apartment is open to visitors everyday from 7 PM).

The 8 selected characters that lived Performed and documented was: Amelia Geocos as Regan McNeil - from the film The Exorcist, 1973 by William Friedkin Nikki Johnson as Diane Arbus - from the film Fur, 2006 by Steven Shainberg Prescott Trudeau as Alexis Zorbas- from the film Zorba The Greek, 1964 by Nikos Kazantzakis Rebecca Loyche as Elisabet Vogler and Alma - from the film Persona, 1966 by Ingmar Bergman Shokufeh Kavani as Queen Elizabeth - from the film Elizabeth, 1998 by Shekhar Kapur Tomomi Shimizu as Taeko Nasu - from the film The Idiot, 1951 by Akira Kurosawa Ve Magni as Princess Aura - from the film Flash Gordon, 1980 by Mike Hodges Sergio Zevallos as Fiona - from the film Fiona, 1998 by - Amos Kollek During the course of FICTIVE DAYS (June 1-15), everyday functions in the Greifswalder Strasse apartment are arranged solely on the structures of famous film scenes involving the performing characters. Consequently, everything that happens during the two weeks can be understood as a scene. All scenes will be realized by collaboration of the group and then further developed following the individual intentions, emotional reactions and practical needs of each participant. As with any other private apartment, it is entirely up to the participants to decide when they want to allow visitors and guests into the space during the two weeks. Participants can come and leave, as they want. Video equipment is available to use in the apartment and the participants can document any scene(s) they want. After the performance-residency, all participants will get a copy of all recorded material and will be free to create they own version of a final film - should they wish to do so. FICTIVE DAYS is a project developed by Peruvian artists Sergio Zevallos in collaboration with TEMPS and space support for nomadic projects. The project arises from the premise that the conscious aspects of affective relations happen between imagined identities and that the human ability to create fiction* is one of its defining characteristics. Through its live cultivation of personal relationships, FICTIVE DAYS aims to investigate both the cliches of cinema and those of our everyday lives. More about Sergio Zevallos at

"Fiction" is here defined as an imaginative form of narrative, behavior or communication that is not entirely based upon the concept of facts.

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