heima art residency
Location: Seyðisfjörður/Iceland

Activism, Conceptual, Curating, Design, Digital, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Performance, Printmaking, Sculpture, Sound, Textile, Video, Residencies



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Heima Art Residency is an independent non-profit organisation founded in 2013. It was initiated to provide a space where emerging artists across a variety of disciplines can live and work in close proximity, sharing energies and ideas.

The space is a 350 square meters living and studio space. It's located in Seyðisfjörður - East Iceland, a thriving port that is home to just 700 people and yet manages to support an art school, a cinema, a theatre, a technical museum, restaurants/bars, two artist residencies and the Dieter Roth Academy.

Heima offer residencies of 50 - 90 days accommodating 6 artists at a time. The residency program is self-organised and applications are accepted twice a year.

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