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Sylwia Gorak
Aug. 04, 2010
''I work with sound and the properties of it but I dont speak Spanish . Are the applications from English speaking artists accepted?''
Rich Curtis
Jul. 13, 2010
I can't seem to access the application for the new life residency. where do I send my application? Can I send it to the address provided on this page?
Wooloo.org Team
Dec. 06, 2009
Thank you Alexandre! Lusine - please email contact@newlifecopenhagen.com to ask for free accommodation in Copenhagen!
Alexandre Murucci
Dec. 05, 2009
Congratulations for the Wooloo team for the terrific site and propolsal !! Hugs from Rio !! Alex
Lusine Nalbandyan
Dec. 04, 2009
I am sorry how I can learn more about the possibility to live with locals during the conference
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