Sculpturespace New York


By:josefina posch
Installation, Mixed Media, Other, Sculpture
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Sculpturespace New York

This series begun while I was a fellow at Valand School of Fine Arts, Gothenburg, Sweden and realized during my artist-in-residency at Sculpturespace, NY, USA. The sculptures are continuations of my inflated rubber sculptures, using silicones, resins and goat milkers to inflate and move but with this new body of work I have returned to the figure. They are life size works-in-progress and have yet not been titled. The idea is to have a few dozens creating a labyrinth where sensors will react to the viewers’ touch or movement triggering behaviors further down such as light movement or smell that will lead the viewer though a maze.  The last years I have focused my practice on conceptual, more abstract sculptures, interactive, video and “social-practices” but my interest within this have always remained> human identity, relations and the paradoxes that follow. At this moment I decided to reconsider my positions and identities as an artist and as a human being. In this search of an expression for this, I needed to start from the self and the core of the self has for me always been the figure.  Since this is a work in progress I can only speak about what I sense will be the issues and focus of the finished series. It is about the passiveness and stillness right after and right before moving. About discovery, transparency and bodily adornment. There are influences from the ideas of the baroque that I find in present society; a desire to communicate to the direct and emotional involvement – not to the intellect. The association that hip-hop culture and “Bling” has to the baroque as means of impressing as well as expressing triumphant power and control. The use of repeating or varied patterns as well as creating an overall sense of “awe”.  Baroque from the Portuguese word “barroco”, meaning imperfect pearl. A pearl that is unevenly textures and does not have a symmetric center axis. Imperfections not immediately discoverable and when they are might not affect the initial beauty of the pearl. Wolfflin coined the word Baroque in Renaissance und Barock (1888) and identified it as "movement imported into mass". A suitable connotation for me since I after years of global movement decided to return to my physical "mass': my birth city Gothenburg and artistically with the sculptural mass of the figure caught in the no-mans land between having moved and about to move.  


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Kristine Sedmale
Nov. 07, 2013
Nice one!
Zbyněk Havlín
Jan. 23, 2013
Karol Michalec
Aug. 28, 2011
Terri Lloyd
Jun. 15, 2011
Me and P.B. "Likey!"
Cameron Hampton
May. 16, 2011
Well done.
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