By:duhamel xolot
Conceptual, Curating, Design, Digital, Other
BICYCLE | Font: Caslon Black | Alphabet: Latin (contemporary)
Digital Print on plastic paper
8.5 x 9"
on demand depending on size

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"ANTROPOGRAPHY" is an ongoing project of some 80 illustrations created strictly from the alphabet; it includes an audiovisual version in stop-motion animation. The initial production started at the end of 2005 and was swelling over time, until it was inserted as a section within another Project entitled “reDADA”, due to its close conceptual relationship and recycling methodology, and for the playful spirit that links it to the Dadaist practices in the use of typography as a visual and communication element.   Each illustration arises from the superposition of several letters or characters, including the numbers and punctuation signs of a given alphabet. The project covers all genres and categories of typographic styles. Almost all the world's alphabets are included, including those of dead languages ​​and those that are not accurately alphabets.   In each image, the complete alphabet of the chosen type is shown in gray, and the characters and signs that were used to compose the design are shown in black, as a reference, for a better understanding of the typographical components of the represented image.   The graphic concept behind these illustrations presents a considerable challenge as it pursues a principle of rigorous typographic authenticity. In each illustration the original typography has been respected at all times, without distorting the original font except by reflection.


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