Brote de Furia / A Furious Outbreak


By:santiago dieste
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Brote de Furia / A Furious Outbreak

This project explores the interaction of the raw material, its industrial treatment and development, and its use. The idea for this project came from my reflections about the relationship between natural resources and people. One of my main sources of inspiration for my art is and has been industrial wood cutting, and these various industrial type cuts have become the focal point of my artistic constructions. For this sculpture, I imagine the reaction of the trunk of the tree to the aggression of the tree cuts, and it takes its shape by placing each piece always with ethic and estethic questioning in mind. In the violence of the wood cuts arises, harmoniously, an assembly that gives life. From this merges a new dialogue that relates decisions of a process that forever transforms a resource. Thus, compositions appear that give esthetic and reflective dimension to an economic, industrial, and social reality. The effectiveness and efficiency of the wood cuts allow me to connect with the wood in new ways, so as to shape it differently and so returning the wood to a standing position. The assembly of the parts that make the initial whole: the trunk - which in turn is part of another whole: sculpture - sprouts again evidencing the nobility of wood. Santiago Dieste   Uruguay, 1984


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