Shoji Lamp - A Japanese Marvel


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Shoji Lamp
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Shoji Lamp - A Japanese Marvel

Shoji Lamps are made up of delicate oriental designs, and hence, they reflect the marvelous atmosphere of your room. These lamps have a touch of Japanese culture which helps in creating a comfortable environment and makes you feel relaxed. This fantastically beautiful creation of art can be placed in your room to utilize the space as well as to make an amazing environment inside the room. The shoji lamps are, in fact, another interpretation of the beautiful Japanese lanterns. The Shoji lamps are used by the Japanese for decorating the interiors of their rooms and you can easily find these lamps in any Japanese house. The Shoji lamps are made in both rectangular & circular shapes. Shoji lamps come in different styles & sizes. The choice of material or wood is based on the design and combinations of the colors used in the painting. A variety of wood such as maple, rosewood, walnut etc. can be used.


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