COMING HOME: Reentry After Incarceration


By:errol daniels
Activism, Photography
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COMING HOME: Reentry After Incarceration

I am drawn to projects involving people confronted by physical or mental issues, or social and political barriers. Their experiences are complex and often silenced. I strive to connect with my subjects and to reveal their dignity, humanity and courage. Most people don’t spend much time thinking about what it’s like for a formerly incarcerated individual to re-enter the world once out of prison. With these images, I am introducing this population to viewers who may have never met someone who has spent time in prison. Reintegrating with society after serving time comes with many challenges. Many individuals are without families or any support systems; many have no sense of identity in the modern world after fifteen, twenty, or thirty-plus years behind bars. They are frequently discriminated against, feared, ignored or all of the above. Those with loving families to support them, coupled with the ability to find a job, are best suited for success. My goal is to chisel through societal attitudes and show each person’s humanity. Formerly incarcerated individuals travel a difficult path. Ultimately, they are people who face the same human challenges, fears, and ambitions as anyone else. But there is a disconnect in society when it comes to empathizing with them. I am grateful to all the people who open their homes, their lives and their hearts to me and my camera. 


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