Tribal Nick My Alter-Ego (The Other I)


By:tribal nick
Design, Film, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Performance, Photography, Sculpture, Sound, Video
Tribal Nick My Alter-Ego (The Other I)
Paper mache
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Tribal Nick My Alter-Ego (The Other I)

  Tribal Nick My Alter-Ego (The Other I)... The name I use, Tribal Nick, is an alter ego, a second self, adopted in marked contrast with my regular personality. I make masks in order to show and highlight how people are perceived. Masks alter behaviour, hide emotions, express created emotions and link back to elements of ritual, ceremony, disguise, performance and entertainment. Some of the masks I have created have been derived from my imagination in order to create something more original. My inspiration ranges from surreal animations, films and electronic music. My work explores facets of performance art including investigating character design and aspects of childhood memories.


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